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Frequently Asked Questions

We are a fully custom shop with the goal of creating genuinely unique items with a personal touch for use in the strength sports community,

as well as outside of it.

We do a lot. We're open to even more. 

 Here are some answers to our most frequent questions. 

See something we're missing? Shoot us an email and we'll add it!

Q: Who's behind all this greatness?

A; Just the two of us! Husband and wife team Kris and Randi are the only two Belt Fed Strength employees. Marketing , customer service, design, social media, shipping, and the hand crafted belts are handled solely by us! We don't want anyone to feel like they're interacting with a business. We want it clear that you are doing business with actual people. You should accept nothing less. 

Q: How do I design my belt?

A: Any way you'd like it to! Once your order is submitted, we'll follow up with an email to discuss your design choices and any other options. If you've got specific artwork in mind we can recreate that or if you have some references and a general idea in mind we can run with that too. If all you have are rambling thoughts and a less-than-complete idea of what you want, we can definitely work with that too! We'll get a sketch together based off your input and make whatever tweaks we need to make till you're happy. 

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