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     Coming from the strength-soaked cornfields of Indiana, Kristine is a standout in a sea of already impressive athletes. A multi-discipline lifelong athlete, she is in the 6th year of her Strongman journey. Kristine holds the United States Strongman 18" deadlift record for the 148 class with a colossal 620lb pull. In training she’s pushing near 200 overhead, pulling near 500 from the floor, and tossing up 250lb Atlas stones with ease. Go check your gym totals folks. You’ve got some catching up to do.

     Kristine will be competing in the 2021 Arnold Amateur Strongman show and is hoping to qualify for the Official Strongman Games later this year. We’ve been a fan of her since we started this business and our sincere hope is to watch her rise to the top of an underrated and underappreciate section of the sport. We’re excited to help however we can along the way! She is a credit to the StrongWoman community and an example for all of us to follow. Look for great things in the future with this one!

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Kristine Mathews

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