The roots of strongman are deep in simply executed feats of strength. To compliment the inherent beauty of the sport, we offer a simple, yet beautiful tool, Made from undyed top grain leather, this will patina and wear beautifully with each use, carrying with it the marks of effort and the scars of progress alongside you as you move through your strength sports career. This belt comes as a blank canvas for you to paint your own story on with sweat, chalk, and personal records. 


Double ply to offer real support, yet still light enough to be well suited for moving events. Custom sized as always, and if you ask nicely, we might even decorate your keeper for you!


Each of our belts is handmade from start to finish to fit your requests and measurments. No assembly line, no automation. Non custom artwork orders can take approximately 3-4 weeks to complete with every effort to reduce that being made.

The Simple Strongman