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Back in the day, real lifters didn't reach for a lever, or whine about 10mm vs 13mm. They grabbed a strip of leather and strapped it around their waist then proceeded to do speed work for reps with your maxes. This is that belt. Supple, spartan, and solid. Single ply ~6mm in Walnut or Black. No frills, just function. Named after my grandfather Ron "Brawn" Yarber and modeled after the belt he handed down to me. He once beat up three guys with a trash can lid for making too much noise outside the gym, then walked back in and finished his workout. True story.


This belt is for those that prefer a soft, very broken in feel. Perfect for deadlifts if you like the extra comfort!


Typically ships in 10 days or less.


Please consult sizing guide prior to ordering. We unfortunately cannot accept returns due to improper measurements.

The Ron Brawn

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