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How to measure

All our belts are custom sized to fit your specific measurement. For this reason, we cannot accept returns based on incorrect sizing provided. Please follow the steps below to determine the correct sizing.

Two methods are available. 


Method 1

- While standing, wrap a cloth tape measure right around where you'll be wearing the belt (across the navel is most common).

- Relax. DO NOT suck in or brace or anything other than daydream about how amazing this belt is going to look on you.

- Record the measurement. This will be the center hole on your belt with about four inches to grow or shrink provided (feel free to request more!)

Method 2 -

Measure existing roller buckle belt.

- Using your current belt, measure from the inside of the roller buckle (A) to the hole you most use (B).

- Record this measurement.

belt measure diagram.jpg
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