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Dips, sled drags, sled pulls, you name it, this loop can be used for it all. Stop wrecking your belt with chains and bands to do accessory work and use this handy loop instead. Just slip it over your belt, put it anywhere you'd like and get to work. Fits any traditional 4 inch or smaller belt out there!


We think it's the details that matter. Most places are content with punching a hole in some leather and slapping some cheap steel rivets on it and a $30 price tag. Not us. These are fashioned with functionality and style in mind. Far stronger and far more class than our competitors and at almost the exact same price. Let that sink in.


Made from the same strong top grain leather as our belts with solid brass rivets, a heavy duty stainless steel D-ring. Comes with 30 inches of heavy welded steel chain and a heavy duty carabiner.


Made right here in Tennessee with our own little hands.


Now add a color, splatter paint, or some alligator to set it off!

(Hey listen, we know this thing is strong, and we’ve had 600 lbs hanging from one, but just cause it can doesn’t mean it should ya know? Let’s keep it like 150 and below maybe?)


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