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Returns and Refunds

We aim to please!

Sometimes (however incredibly rare) we don't succeed, and that is an unfortunate reality. In the event you are unsatisfied we will do everything we can to make it right. 

If it's something we got wrong, that's on us and we'll make it right.

If it's a sizing error, there's not much we can do but we'll try! I've altered belts for folks who've measured wrong and if you'll cover the shipping I'll take care of it for you!

If it's a timeframe complaint, PLEASE reach out to us. We understand these belts take awhile to make and I ensure you that no one is more anxious about this than me. We'll get your stuff to you as quick as we can but unless it's an extreme case or something was our fault, then we will not issue refunds for lead time complaints. We do our best to explain how this is a slow handmade process so just know what you're getting into! 

We sincerely value the support we get from each of you. You've traded precious time for the money you earn and we want it to be put to good use with us and honor the trust it took for you to give it to us.

We believe that taking care of each other with kindness and compassion is the key to a brighter future and we intend for that to be the framework of our entire existence.

We hope you never have to see this page!


* please note, all refunds and returns will be subject to a non-negotiable 5% processing fee* 

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