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***Next spots drop in January 2024!!!***


When you walk into your gym, you bring with you the trials and tales that have made you who you are. You bring your story. The hard work and detail that has gone into you, is the same hard work and detail that goes into each of our belts. Show your story with handmade custom craftsmanship. Is it a story that only deserves to be told on printed vinyl, or basic embroidery? Or is it a story worthy of premium top grain leather, hand dyed and hand carved, exactly the way you want it by people who enjoy the same struggles of strength that you do? This level of quality isn't subjective. And neither is your story. The world only knows of you what you show it. Show it you. Buy a belt you deserve.


Please select "supply my own lever" if you intend to use a third party lever!


Price shown is the base price which covers an artwork area of approximately 36 square inches (usually plenty for most designs). Extra area, increased design complexity or the addition of exotic leathers will be quoted once the design is submitted after the order is placed.


NOTE: Please consult the sizing guide here before providing a waist measurement. We cannot accept returns based on improper measurements. Please provide waist measurement in customer comment section.


Inside embroidery is not currently available on this batch drop.


Current lead time is approximately 12 weeks on custom artwork orders.

The Exclusive

Out of Stock
  •  You absolutely cannot get this level of customization and personalization anywhere in the strength community especially in this price range! Current lead time is approximately 12 weeks. 

    You will receive an email after purchase to finalize all options as well as your artwork, color and customization.  Please feel free to email randi@beltfedstrength with questions! 

    *Note - This is hand painted artwork with leather dye and high quality durable acrylic paint. It will stand up to a reasonable amount of abuse and should last you years but we cannot guarantee against general wear and tear.

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